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Jul 25, 2012 7:00am EDT
have their assets and family farmers don't have extra cash on hand to pay the death tax. instead use of land or take on additional debt in order to pay these higher taxes. that is exactly what we don't want to see happen in this country. i don't believe the president's proposal which is the $3.5 million exemption is adequate but it is much better than what's democrat -- senate democrats have proposed. let me summarize. tomorrow we will vote on a proposal to raise taxes when americans are hurting and the economy is fragile. this proposal will impose higher taxes of $50 billion on successful small business owners and families. it will hurt the economy reducing economic growth and job creation at the same time it lowers wages for hard working american families. it will impose a new debt tax including $31 billion on 43,100 family -- and also vote i hope on the alternative plan to keep tax rates where they are to prevent a tax increase on any american. in addition to keeping tax rates where they are the proposal provides instructions to finance committee to report fundamental tax reform l
Jul 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
of questions, well, that doesn't seem tjustify us going in and atsond kng sody rngra bowebe f es b y so'r an untenable situation. and when it comes to the war on terror, mr. clegg, i couldn't agree with you more. the reity of t facis, wdne m tor ant . e'mesiouer at gwemori ths gs in america that are saying some pretty radical things. and i hope we follow the leaders of these groups to find out what they're up to because megrn rrm n ri w ouhtwit ti rio w ouhteg orwit fiti pe who are local to america people who are loyal to americ who belong ta particular faith? i dot kn. buknhi if lnfmeomty in this country fails to find out about the major hasans, we're the first one to be on your case. why didn't you follow this website? he said these things in these et ahyn'e suisele anyo gomy isllt orer ans a air force officer, when do you go to your wing commander and say, this person says sometng that makes me feel uncomfortable and you do so atur p. jdoknhae er owt prm d i ink in the last decade we've made some progress, chief vis anday hg leatthaks f onsobogha mesequfry.
Jul 11, 2012 7:00am EDT
. [shouting] >> i would like to pay tribute to ian steindell. his selfless act and tragic that remind us what the police before us right up and down the country. i am sure condolences of the whole house to his family and friends. mr. speaker, last question time before the recess. can i remind the prime minister what he said about why he wanted to the prime minister. he paused and with characteristic humility he said i think of it. [laughter] >> where did they all go wrong? it is this government that past immigration and the fact that for twenty-five million people the duty increased spending and cut the deficit by 25%. i can't read about the list of all the things that go wrong. we haven't got time. >> obviously it is a shame it didn't happen last night. mr. speaker, he lost control of his party and not for the first time he lost his temper as well. because we understand it was 50 counts to be justice. and noted that the face today to be here. [shouting] >> who does the prime minister blame most? the liberal democrats or his own bank managers? if the best he can do today is -- [shouting] >> i
Jul 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
if the regime uses chemical weapons against its own people? we have seen reports that they're moving chemical weapons around. if there is a mass atrocity, what should be the response? >> obviously the public sentiment drives policy to a certain degree. and these would create a groundswell of sympathy and horror at what the regime is doing, which is already of course quite developed. the question is can america improve the situation. and this is with the unknown. obviously, you're launching out, you know, if you do send a cruise missile into the house and begin to hunt him down like did gadhafi and ultimately kill him, how long will that take? and then what happens if the death rate goes up? that's the big question to get the death rate goes up, then does america say well, we have succeeded in our strategic objectives, and we can go home now and let the syrians sorted out, which is a little bit of what we done in places like libya and other places. that would be my fear. i don't know if america has the staying power. the regime is going to ratchet up violence. it's going to come. i don't know
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4